About Us

Fabrica Workshop is an experienced team of high performance sailors and world class engineers specialised in producing unidirectional cables, rigging and custom solutions. Proudly made in Europe.

Welcome to Fabrica Workshop.

We go beyond cables.


Years of experience in Grand Prix sailing


Longest cable supplied


Workshop 75m max cable length


Years of engineer experience

We are driven by quality and attention to detail.

What We Do

Marine Industry

The Fabrica Workshop team has a wealth of experience in the high-end marine industry. Our nautical production is based on solid and flexible cables up to 75m, rigging solutions, and an innovative R&D centre for prototyping and testing.

What We Do

Other Industries

Our premium cables have unlimited application potential. Through top quality design and materials, our solutions are able to serve a wide range of industries, including: automotive, agriculture, construction and architecture.

What We Do

Got An Idea?

We recognise “game-changing ideas” and work closely with our clients and stakeholders to help make them a reality.


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